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For 17 years, the Ann Arbor Music Center has existed to teach music in a way that inspires creativity, purpose and meaning in our students. We are NOT a franchise; we are founded, owned, and operated by real musicians. AAMC offers high quality music lessons that are tailored to each individual through realizing the uniqueness of every student's interests, goals and learning style. We have carefully chosen the very best instructors teach private guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, bass (electric and upright) lessons, violin lessons, voice (vocal) lessons, saxophone lessons, ukulele lessons, cello lessons, flute lessons, and more. We teach students the universal language of music so they can communicate musically with other musicians and enjoy playing, understanding, and writing as a lifelong hobby or career. We don’t just teach students where to put fingers for a specific song to get them on stage quickly and “act” like a rock star before they’re ready. We value the importance of our students knowing what it’s like to play music the right way and to understand what they are playing. Like a REAL musician. It’s easy and fun, done the right way! 

More than 600 children and adults are currently enrolled in our various programs. We have 23 instructors and 4 floors of well-equipped studios with over a dozen private lesson rooms and 4 huge band practice rooms in downtown Ann Arbor. There is a large parking lot right across the street, along with street parking.

Our students are people of all ages and levels, from complete beginner to advanced, who are lighthearted or serious about instrumental excellence and musical knowledge. We offer a well rounded music education that takes you from your very first lesson to the stage and beyond, with focus on enjoyment every step of the way.

Our recommendation:

Rent before you buy. Investing in an instrument before you know much about it, or even if you’ll continue longer than six weeks, is not necessary. Students have greater success when they rent before they buy, with the reward of the instrument if they stick with it. We rent electric (with amp) and acoustic guitars, bass guitars (with amp), drums, saxophones, and violins for a very small fee.

The AAMC is open 7 days a week for private lessons and band classes. Lessons are available morning, noon and night so call us and we’ll work out a way for you to study music on your schedule.

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