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There is a big difference between what we offer and what you'll find elsewhere. We have been teaching lessons and band classes since 1998; teaching our students what they need to know to get the full benefits of playing an instrument. Lessons at A2MC are tailored to the individual goals, interests, and learning style of each student. While every student needs to know the same universal language of music, how you get there is different for everyone. We feel strongly that the "fun" part of learning an instrument comes when one feels the reward of accomplishment. Don't kid yourself that beginners don't need quality lessons. Learning the correct techniques from the start prevents a lot of work later, undoing bad habits.


Private lessons are once per week for 30 minutes. In your lessons, you will learn exactly what you need to know to practice at home. A most important step in the music education process is finding the "right fit" between student and teacher. Students will be matched with an instructor who best suits their personal style of learning and stylistic goals. We are committed to finding the best way for every student to learn to their potential. Contact us to find out how we find the best match.



All instructors at A2SMC are very carefully chosen based on knowledge, skill, education, creativity, and commitment, and personality. Leading someone through the process of learning music of any kind requires unique talent. Our instructors are experienced teachers, as well as studied musicians and ideal mentors. We feel we have quite the best  instructors in the industry.

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